What is Rotary?

There are five Rotary Clubs in the Fargo/Moorhead area that meet weekly for one hour to share a meal, network, grow friendships, plan projects and learn about the community through speakers and programs. Visiting Rotarians are always welcome to join us! Each club has a different meal payment and structure, but you can drop in anytime. Visitors and prospective members are encouraged to contact the Rotary Club or a Rotary Member for more details. Potential speakers and topics are also welcome! Contact the club secretary or club administrator with more information.
Celebrating 100 years in 2017, this is the first club to establish Rotary in our region.  Projects include STEM, Lego and Breakfast Buddies at McKinley Elementary School, Project English for New Americans, Stand Tall crutches for polio victims in the Congo, and international projects in Guatemala and India.

Meetings: Wednesdays at 12 noon (lunch) at the Radisson, downtown Fargo. 
Started just four years after the Fargo Rotary Club, this Minnesota sister club has an annual travel giveaway that supports their Dictionary Project in Moorhead Public Schools, and their many projects locally and globally.

Meetings: Tuesdays at 11:45am (lunch) at Concordia College, Birkeland Lounge - Memorial Auditorium (Offut Concourse)
The Harley Motorcycle Raffle and the annual Peach sale are the big fundraisers for this club that support the Red River Valley Zoo and dozens of other local and international charities and projects.

Meetings: Mondays at 12 noon (lunch) at the Holiday Inn, Fargo.
This energetic group of morning folks sells Ribs in the spring Football Raffle books in the fall to support local and international causes. Members of this club are most often found leading International Projects in Guatemala and India for the entire Rotary district, and are usually the first to come up with the Next Big Project for the FM Rotary Foundation to tackle.

Meetings: Thursdays at 7 am (breakfast) at the Delta by Marriott, Fargo.
This is the "Happy Hour Club" meeting after work in a casual back room of a local restaurant pub. Major fundraisers for the year include serving beer at the Red River Valley Fair concerts and an annual Bowling for Books event. This club is the newest to the Fargo-Moorhead scene, but has been joining the others on FM Rotary Foundation projects and fundraisers as well as branching out on their own to support CHARISM Neighborhood Center and ShelterBox USA.

Meetings: Mondays at 5:30 pm (no meal required) at Lucky's 13 Pub, Fargo.